Academy Services

45% of High School students and 47% of Middle School students are interested in taking online courses.  Is your school ready? eQUIP Academy Services enables your school to launch an in-house eLearning program.  eQUIP provides training, ongoing Professional Learning, K-12

New Age Classrooms

In 2000, 45K K-12 students took an online course in the US.  In 2009 enrollment grew to over 3M.  By 2019, it is estimated that 50% of all courses will be delivered online. Is your school prepared to meet your

Professional Learning

Did college prepare you to work as an eLearning teacher, program manager, paraprofessional, guidance counselor or school administrator?  Most would say, NO! eQUIP Professional Learning helps you fill the gaps between your college and brick and mortar experiences and your

eQUIP eLearning and Professional Services enables participating school districts to provide local online learning programs through the delivery of quality courses, a robust Student Information System, consultation services, curriculum counseling and an optional technology loan program.

Local schools. Local credits. Local diplomas.