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Common Core Mathematics II


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Mathematics II focuses on quadratic expressions, equations, and functions and compares their characteristics and behavior to previously learned linear and exponential relationships. The course covers real and complex numbers to give students the background they need to solve all forms of quadratic equations. Students explore the structure of expressions and rewrite them to highlight pieces of the relationship. Creating and solving equations and inequalities leads to solving systems of equations involving quadratic or exponential equations. Students compute and interpret theoretical and experimental probabilities, making informed decisions as they apply their knowledge of probability. Similarity transformations give students another perspective on similarity and allow them to prove related theorems. Students prove and use geometric theorems and learn about right triangles and their related trigonometry. They then move to theorems of circles and study ways to find arc lengths and areas of sectors, and to write equations for circles and parabolas. Finally, students examine area, circumference, and volume formulas for different geometric forms.

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