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Common Core Mathematics IV


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Mathematics IV is a culmination of all the math concepts students have learned up to this point. In this capstone course, students perform operations with and find conjugates of complex numbers and represent them on the complex plane. Work with vectors includes recognizing the magnitude and direction of vectors and performing operations on vectors. Students also represent and manipulate data in and perform operations on matrices, applying the knowledge they gain as they represent and solve systems of linear equations. Students then analyze linear and exponential functions to show intercepts and end behavior, and delve into trigonometric functions showing period, midline, and amplitude. The course then moves to inverse functions, in which students find inverse functions and produce invertible functions from noninvertible functions by limiting the domain. Special triangles form the basis for students to geometrically determine values for sine, cosine, and tangent. Students also learn how to prove and utilize the addition and subtraction formulas for sine, cosine, and tangent and derive the equations of ellipses and hyperbolas. Cavalieris principle is used to explain the formulas for the volume of a sphere and other solid figures. Finally, students calculate expected values and employ them to solve problems, and use probability to evaluate outcomes of decisions.

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Common Core Algebra II, Mathematics III

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