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Finite Mathematics


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This course is designed to provide an introductory, application-oriented experience for students that anticipate majoring in business, management, economics, or life or social sciences. The course has a prerequisite of two years of high school Algebra. College courses in Finite Mathematics typically contain a variety of topics focused on applications in the areas listed above. This course is divided into four distinct parts, each consisting of three units. Each of the units is based around a concept as outlined below. Students will find graded assessments after each lesson and an exam at the end of each unit of the course. The course is organized as a journey through algebraic concepts and the applications of algebra. The focus is on linear equations, inequalities, systems of equations, matrices, probability, and statistics. Throughout this journey, students will build critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques that are required to help students address application-oriented challenges related to the college majors referenced above.

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