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eQUIP Online Learning Services

Equipping Schools Digitally

Summer Explore and Recovery Courses

Welcome to our Summer explore and recovery course options. eQUIP is excited to roll out two summer offerings for students in our region. Explore Course For students in grades 6-12 who desire to explore a new career field or learn about something new. These courses allow students the chance to […]

District Run eLearning Program

45% of High School students and 47% of Middle School students are interested in taking online courses.  Is your school ready? eQUIP Online Learning Services enables your school to launch an in-house eLearning program. eQUIP provides training, ongoing Professional Learning, K-12 curriculum, a centralized student information system, local support, a […]

Professional Learning

What if you could provide the same online learning experience for your teachers that you provide for your students? With eQUIP’s help, you can provide customized online professional learning that teachers can complete when and where they want too. We can take any subject matter, create an online course, and […]

Who We Are

eQUIP Online Learning Services was created by Blast Intermediate Unit to meet the online learning needs of the school districts and private schools in our region. Our Mission is to provide school students, teachers, and administrators with personalized, engaging, and meaningful learning opportunities.

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