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Professional Learning

What if you could provide the same online learning experience for your teachers that you provide for your students? With eQUIP’s help, you can provide customized online professional learning that teachers can complete when and where they want too. We can take any subject matter, create an online course, and then incorporate it into the learning management system of your choice.



Example Professional Developments
  • Google for Education
  • Onboarding Training
  • FERPA Training
Fully Customizable

We can customize the topic, length, amount of credit, content…pretty much anything you desire. You will have oversight of the entire process and be able to make changes along the way to suite your organization.

Any Topic
Our professional designers are able to take any topic your desire and turn it into an online training.

Pay Once, Use Forever

When we develop a professional development module for you, the module and the contents of the module are yours forever to use as you see fit.


Developed for Any Learning Management System
We will develop the activities and lessons and host them on the learning management system of your choice.


Initial Implementation and Support
We will provide training for staff who area administrating the training, as well as learning management system training and support for participants if desired. We will also make minor adjustments and help with troubleshooting while the training is initially being rolled out.