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Summer School

Did you know that by using eQUIP Online Learning Services, you can offer a low cost, but effect summer school program to all of your students? And not only can you offer these classes, but we can supply all of the highly qualified teachers. All you have to do enroll your students and serve as their advisor as they work through their corses. We have multiple credit recovery options for student who need to make up credit. We also offer almost our entire normal catalog of classes for students who wish to take extra credits over the summer, or who need to complete a graduation requirement.

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Summer School & Credit Recovery
  • Summer School – Our online education program provides a great system to conduct a summer school program without the worry of finding highly qualified teachers. With the full range of curriculum available even in the summer, students can complete credit recovery, work ahead, or for general enrichment.
  • Credit Recovery – A significant portion of summer school activity is catching students up via credit recovery courses. Our courses provide a pre-test opportunity and condensed content for each student so they only need to complete the content necessary to receive credit.
  • Work Ahead – With access to almost our entire catalog, students can start working on next year’s classes early, or catch up on a class they did not have time for from the past school year.
  • Finish Up – Have a student who did not quite get finished during the school year? Students have until August 10th to complete their classes.