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Advising Services


45% of High School students and 47% of Middle School students are interested in taking online courses.  Is your school ready?

Let us help you determine your needs and then start and maintain an online learning program. We can be there to work with you on each part of the process. We are also able to assist you in the running of your program by taking care of many of the cyclical student tasks such as progress reporting and enrollments.


Online and Blended Learning

Does your district want to implement an eLearning or blended learning program? Our staff can help in determining your district readiness, infrastructure needs, and more!

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Student Advising / Management

Want to run an online learning program, but do not have the staff to make it happen? Our student advising services might be the answer you need. We can handle details such as student enrollments, tracking progress, attendance monitoring, and more!

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Online Professional Learning

Interested in providing opportunities for your staff to complete professional development online, but do not know where to start? Let us help determine the systems that will fit your specific situation needs.

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