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Online Learning Hub

Online Learning Hub
Welcome to our online learning hub. eQUIP along with BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 is excited to offer the following resources to teachers, staff, & districts.

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BLaST Spring Webinar Series

This series of webinars is designed to introduce and prepare teachers and administrators for online, remote instruction. Each webinar will be 30 minutes in length and be recorded if you cannot make it. Click on the time below each session to enter the webinar.

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What is Project-Based Learning?

Tuesday, April 21

Empower your students to take ownership of their own learning through project-based learning. Participants will understand the difference between projects and project-based learning and learn about the basic steps to create a project-based learning environment.

Creating Digital Portfolios

Wednesday, April 22

Learn how to showcase student work using different digital portfolio platforms.

Creating a Capstone Experience

Thursday, April 23

Pull it all together for your students and showcase everything they have learned through a capstone experience. Learn how to facilitate authentic capstone experiences during these times!

Increase Parent/Guardian Support and Engagement

Tuesday, April 28

Supporting your students comes naturally to most teachers. But in the online environment, we need to think about how to support the rest of the family as well. Learn how to support parents as they intersect with the online learning of their children.

Get Your Students Away from the Screen with Unplugged Activities

Wednesday, April 29

Students don’t always need to be behind the screen. Learn how to incorporate different unplugged activities, with an emphasis on STEM, that encourage communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Career Readiness During Remote Learning

Thursday, April 30

Give your students virtual experiences to job shadow and incorporate authentic experiences at home through virtual reality and other online resources.

Recordings of Previous Sessions

To Use or Not to Use? Leave that Question up to Common Sense Media

There are a ton of resources and tools available to teachers. But how do you know what is good and what is not? Learn how to identify and vet tools before using them with your students.

Support Using OER Commons

Open educational resources provide a way to find and share free resources with teachers across the world. Learn how to navigate these resources and implement OER with your students.

Fostering Online Collaboration

Working in a fully online environment can be an isolating experience. But online learning does not mean collaboration cannot happen. Participants are invited to learn how to encourage and implement online collaboration between students, teachers, and others!

Tech du Jour – Featuring Quizzizz and Edpuzzle

Ready for the technology specialty of the week? Visit this session to discover three technology tools to enhance your online instruction.

Reaching Your Students Offline

Unfortunately, not all students can be reached virtually. So, now what do you do? Listen and gather a variety of strategies to reach your learners in an offline environment and continue to build the student supports needed to succeed in a remote environment.

The Importance of Self-care in Remote Learning

Working or doing school at home brings a whole new set of challenges. Just like in the classroom, it is important to create routines and take steps to stay sane. Learn some important tips and ideas on how to ensure success in work or school from home setting.

Building Community through Praise in Remote Learning

Praise and positive interactions are just as important in a remote environment. Research has documented that teachers who interact more positively with students have students who do better academically. Praise has been shown to increase the intrinsic motivation of students and help the learner feel more competent. Join this session to understand the research behind positive praise and how you can still build these interactions virtually.

Universal Design for Learning: What is That?

UDL helps students take control of their learning.  This session will give an introduction to UDL and how educators can start thinking with this mindset.

Facilitating a Virtual StartSOLE

Have you practiced a self-organized learning environment (SOLE) in the classroom? Did you know that you can still create these environments online? Collaborate with and learn from SOLE Founder, Jeff McClellan, on how to facilitae these sessions online with their NEW SOLE feature!

What is Online Learning? Effective Facilitation

Teaching in an online environment requires the teacher to become a facilitator of learning to guide
students through the learning process. This session will provide an overview of what that looks like in a
K-12 environment.

Different Ways to Support Your Online Learners

You supported your students online; you can still support them remotely, too! Check out this session on how to build in your pedagogy in a remote learning environment. Figure out how you can promote time management, increase communication, build community, and more!

Filling Your Plate with TPACK

Are you afraid you will lose your content with remote learning? Learn how you can use technology and still keep your content and pedagogy!

Behind the Curtain: Starring YOU! With Webcasting Tools

Whoever thought you would star in your own video? The time is now! Learn how to use webcasting tools to connect with your students virtually.

Tech Du Jour: Online Resources

Ready for the technology specialty of the week? Visit this session to discover three technology tools to enhance your online instruction.

Featured Presenter: Edmentum. Learn Study Island & More

Edmentum has opened its products up to existing clients to help support students remotely. Come learn about study island and more! This session will give an overview of how to use Study Island to enahnce student learning.

Rewind: Screencasting

Need to demonstrate an important concept? What about present some core concepts? Screencasting allows you to do that when you cannot do it in person. Learn how to capture the contents of your screen and share it.


A Whole New World with Early Literacy

How can we continue building the foundations of reading through remote learning? This session will share early literacy resources educators can use to promote engagement with their primary learners. We will also allow time to collaborate and share ideas that would help meet the needs of your students.


Austistic Support in Remote Learning

Learn some resources to provide autistic support in remote learning. Also, participate in a question and answer session.


Get Ready, Get Set, GO! Teaching Special Education Online

Unsure of where to start to move your instruction for special education students from the classroom to virtual? Check out this session on how to get ready for the first time online, get set with 8 strategies for online instruction, and go online with resources to help!

Structuring a Mini Math Lesson for Online Delivery

Join us as we look at a framework for a lesson structure that can deliver math review and also support the mathematical practices. We will consider a lesson framework for approximately a 20-30 lesson. As your delivery will be online, we will allow time to share ideas and brainstorm some bridges for you to instructionally meet your students

A Taste of Assistive Technology

Be our guest, be our guest! Come to the table to learn about how to use assistive technology to reach all learners through remote learning.

Featured Presenter: Nearpod.

Nearpod provides a platform that allows teachers to engage their students in real-time or at a time that is convenient for the leaner. Learn how to create interactive presentations that go way beyond a regular powerpoint.


Providing Remote Transition Activities for Students with Disabilities

Join us for a conversation where we’ll share tips and resources to support the continued learning and skill development of Transition-Aged Special Education Students while school and community access is limited during the COVID-19 situation.

Bored? Check out Engagement for Online Learners

Research shows engaging students is one of the challenges of online learning. This session will introduce you to some highly effective, but simple strategies to engage your learners.

School Closure Resources – Continuity of Education & Educational Enhancement

These are resources available that can assist districts with the continuity of education in the case of an extended school closure.

2020-2021 Online Professional Development Series

Registration will open June 1st 2020! School Districts, contact us about bundle pricing for an individual course or all courses. Completion of each course will earn the learner 3 hours of act 48 credit.

Teaching Deliberate Analysis: A Closer Read on Text-Dependent Analysis Instruction
Teaching Deliberate Analysis is designed to provide a close read on Text-Dependent Analysis through an instructional lens, rather than a focus. This professional development offering will benefit administrators and educators (grades 3-8) who intend to conduct turn-around training in his/her school district or increase analysis in their own classroom. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the concept of instructional analysis with the tools necessary to help teachers engage in the teaching and learning of text-dependent analysis.

Sound Walls: It’s All About Print
This course will guide the participants’ to implement sound walls as an instructional tool in order for students’ perception of language to move from speech to print by connecting phonemes and graphemes.

Creating Meaningful Work-Related Experiences for Students
Exposing students to a variety of work experiences is an essential step in preparing them for life after high school. This course will expose you as the teacher to career pathways and entrepreneurship with the goal of then applying these ideas in your classroom.

Finding that Connection: Building Unity Through Diversity and Inclusion
Every student with Autism is unique and wonderful in his or her own way.  As many students with Autism receive instruction in the general education setting, this training will review the characteristics of learners with Autism.  It will also provide strategies and curriculum modifications to build success in school settings.

Classroom Management and Effective Instruction
Participants will learn effective ways to structure their classroom for success as well as techniques to actively engage their students. The training will introduce proactive and reactive consequence strategies.

Getting Techy with It
This course will introduce participants to the reasons why innovation is important in the classroom. Then participants will learn about some innovative ways to include technology in the classroom through engaging presentations or gamification. Finally, participants will think about their own lessons and classroom and how they can implement what they have just learned.