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Observations from the Help Desk

Our student and staff help desk strives to ensure a smooth experience for our online learners and their advisers. An important part of this process is to take the time to make observations and reflect on the common issues users are having. This article will explore the most common issues […]

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Course Selection in K-12 Online Education

Course Selection: Choosing the Correct Class

One of the benefits of online education is the vast array of courses available. This choice, while great for personalized learning, can be daunting for administrators choosing courses for students. With this in mind, administrators should understand and avoid the common pitfalls made while selecting courses. This article will examine […]

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Senate Bill 34: Cyber Charter vs District Cyber Options

The recent big news in Pennsylvania online learning has been the introduction of Senate Bill 34. The purpose is to amend the PA school code to include the following language: If a public school district offers a cyber-based program equal in scope and content to an existing publicly chartered cyber […]

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Observations and Insights from the 2017-2018 School Year

After taking some time to reflect and examine eQUIP’s data from the 2017-2018 school year, I wanted to note a few observations and insights. Keep in mind there is no research or deep statistical models in place, so takes these just for what they are: observations. 2017-2018 saw a big […]

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Need for Online Teacher Training

Teaching in an online environment is a different experience than teaching in the classroom. It requires an emphasis on a different set of skills than classroom teaching. The amount of students taking online courses keeps increasing. Despite this, teachers are not being exposed to the necessary skill-set while in college. […]

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Educational Research and Online Learning

So you need to do some research in the area of online learning? Or maybe you are looking for information or data to inform some decision-making. It can be difficult at times to weed through the vast landscape of the internet to zero in on the information that you need. […]

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Developing Presence in the Online Classroom

As an educator, moving from the physical classroom to the online classroom can be pretty jarring and disrupting. There are many differences between a face-to-face class and one conducted online such as the courses tend to be asynchronous (no set time to log in), there are no physical materials, and […]

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