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Algebra I


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This course is designed to provide a solid foundation in algebra. The course is divided into four distinct parts, each consisting of three, fifteen-lesson units. Each of the units is based around a concept as outlined below. Students will find graded assessments after each lesson and an exam at the end of each unit of the course.

Part 1 Description_
This part of the course covers concepts in beginning algebra, linear equations, and inequalities. It begins with helping students understand and retain algebraic concepts and use them to solve problems. Students will then explore solving linear equations and applying this knowledge. Finally, the third unit focuses on solving inequalities and inequality applications.

  • Part 1 Unit 1 Introduction to Algebra
  • Part 1 Unit 2 Linear Equations
  • Part 1 Unit 3 Inequalities

Part 2 Description_
This part of the course covers the concepts of functions, graphing, and systems of equations. As the students gain an understanding of functions, they will transition into graphing linear functions. The second unit details graphing linear equations and using point slope form to solve problems. The third unit then details the use of the appropriate methods to solving systems of linear equations.

  • Part 2 Unit 1 Functions
  • Part 2 Unit 2 Graphing
  • Part 2 Unit 3 Systems of Equations

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