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US Government


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This stimulating course offers students a comprehensive examination of the U.S. government. The course is divided into four distinct parts, each consisting of three, fifteen-lesson units. Each of the units focuses on a central concept. Students will find graded assessments following each lesson; an exam ends each unit of the course.
Students enrolled in U.S. Government will explore the evolution of American democracy from its birth in the 18th century to the expansive role of the federal, state and local administrations of today. Topics like changes to the Constitution, the function of Supreme Court, the structure of Congress, and the importance of the media are investigated in order to give students a well-supported background of the reasons for and responsibilities of government. The relationship between the political parties and lobbyists is detailed, as well as the processes of monitoring and funding federal elections. Finally, students will learn about the roles of state and local governments and the direct impact these organizations have on our daily lives.

Part 1 Description
This part of the course focuses on the roots of government. Students will learn to understand the importance of and need for government. Also, students will then learn about the Constitution and its necessity in the United States. Last, students will learn about the checks and balances inherent to the federal government system.
_________â_Part 1 Unit 1 The Birth of a Democracy
_________â_Part 1 Unit 2 The New Constitution
_________â_Part 1 Unit 3 The Balance of Power

Part 2 Description
This part of the course covers the Supreme Court and Presidency and how both operate. Students will also learn about how the executive branch works. Next, students will learn about interest groups and lobbyists and what roles that they play in the U.S. government. The final unit of this part focuses on the history of political parties and how they function.
_________â_Part 2 Unit 1 The Presidency and Supreme Court
_________â_Part 2 Unit 2 Congressional Committees and Lobbyists
_________â_Part 2 Unit 3 Political Parties

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