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World Geography


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This course is designed to illustrate the worlds geographical division, the documentation of the land and water masses by topographers and geographers, and the differences between Earth and the other planets in our solar system. The course is divided into four distinct parts, each consisting of three, fifteen-lesson units. Each of the units is based around a main concept. Graded assessments follow each lesson and an exam is found at the end of each part of the course.
Not only will the course discuss the worlds physical traits, but it also highlights cultural differences between countries. While each country has its different norms, they all contribute to the worlds international relations. Studying geography allows students to determine energy usage and how to make the most of our planet without abusing its resources. Each section of World Geography can be examined historically, culturally, physically, and economically, offering students diverse knowledge and understanding of the world.

Part 1 Description
This part of the course details the basics of studying geography. Beginning with the solar system, the first unit describes Earths position in relationship to other planets and the sun; the effects of the Earths rotation and revolution are also a focus of the first unit. Next, students will study the physical processes inside Earth that build up the land and create landforms. In this unit, students will also recognize important trends in world population. Finally, the third unit focuses on North America and the changes that this region is experiencing today.
_________â_Part 1 Unit 1 Earths Structure and Climate
_________â_Part 1 Unit 2 Resources and Population
_________â_Part 1 Unit 3 North America

Part 2 Description
Part 2 of the course begins with a study of the economic, political, and social conditions in Central and South America. The second unit jumps across the Atlantic Ocean and into Western and Central Europe, highlighting the many historical events that have impacted this part of the world. The third unit then details the main geographical features of Southern and Eastern Europe and the important historical events that have shaped the countries of these regions.
_________â_Part 2 Unit 1 Central and South America
_________â_Part 2 Unit 2 Western and Central Europe
_________â_Part 2 Unit 3 Southern and Eastern Europe

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