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Physical Science


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This course is designed to cover the concepts in the field of physical science in an interactive and engaging way. The course is divided into four distinct parts, each consisting of three, fifteen-lesson units. Each unit is based on a central concept. Students will find graded assessments after each lesson and an exam ends each part of the course. There are also lab activities found frequently throughout this course to reinforce the material and to give the students an opportunity to apply their knowledge through experiments and activities.
Physical Science covers material from the sciences of chemistry and physics, providing the students with a survey of the main concepts of these disciplines. The course begins with a unit on the nature of science and a review of measurement and its importance. The study of chemical principles then begins, exposing students to topics such as the properties of matter, the structure of the atom, the formation of bonds, and the properties of solutions. The course then moves to the science of physics, describing the topics of motion, force, work, and energy. Students in the course are asked to apply their knowledge of these topics through problems, explanations, and graphs, while maintaining their interest through engaging activities and explorations.

Part 1 Description
The physical Science course begins with a unit of review, covering the role of science and the history of scientific discovery. The first unit also covers measurement to prepare students for its application throughout the course. The second unit investigates the properties of matter, detailing concepts such as structure, phase changes, and chemical versus physical properties. Unit 3 moves on to the structure of the atom, the various models used to characterize elements and molecules, and the layout of the periodic table and the information that this organization provides.
_________â_Part 1 Unit 1 Science and Measurement
_________â_Part 1 Unit 2 Types of Matter
_________â_Part 1 Unit 3 Atomic Structure and Periodicity

Part 2 Description
This part of the course continues to explore the chemical side of physical science, building on the structure of molecules to explain how bonds form and reactions operate under different conditions. The second unit covers solutions, describing for students the different types of solutions and the external forces that impact solubility. The final unit takes students through material concerning the organic molecules of life, the formation of fossil fuels, the radioactive decay of isotopes, and the source and application of nuclear energy.
_________â_Part 2 Unit 1 Bonding and Reactions
_________â_Part 2 Unit 2 Solutions
_________â_Part 2 Unit 3 Organic and Nuclear Chemistry

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